Chao Slash

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Hey this is a new chao game. Owned by Dark Dark Dragon

Page me at Dark Dark Dragon on BYOND for more info or see the web or freewebs page we have. Are freewebs page is at

Freewebs Site Link

Chao is those little guys you see like if you look up Chao on BYOND Search you will get tons of stuff on 'em!

Chao Slash Subscription

One Month Subscription 5 dimes
Two Month Subscription 6 dimes
Three Month Subscription 7 dimes
Six Month Subscription 9 dimes
One Year Subscription 10 dimes
Two Year Subscription 20 dimes
Five Year Subscription 25 dimes
Lifetime Subscription 30 dimes

Dark Dark Dragon

Dark Dark Dragon is a key on BYOND. If you would like coding help talk to him on BYOND by Dark Dark Dragon or Accentin inc.
More info about DDD